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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

ALUMETA and the companies that are members of the holding wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We wish you an easy and rich year, successful undertakings and constant ...


„BRAZ” Sp. z oo to innowacyjny kierunek produkcji wyrobów aluminiowych w cyklu zamkniętym, będący częścią Grupy Kapitałowej ALUMETA.
Braz Construction is an engineering department that develops complex and high-tech facade solutions for office and residential spaces of various complexity and configuration.
Braz Line is a leader in Ukrainian market in design, production and distribution of Aluminum profiles, construction tools, decor and other products for any needs.

The Alumeta includes major
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Benefits of Alumeta, which we are proud:

— High-quality products and services that go with international standards and certificates
— They make constant investments in the modern technological developments and its implementation in manufacturing
— International, competent and well-coordinated team of top managers
— The range of over 20 000 products and collaboration with 30 countries.
Founder, Chairman of the Board of the Alumeta Group of Companies

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the place where aluminium is born

The story of how the aluminium profile is made What is BRAZ? Brovary Aluminium Plant (BRAZ) is a powerful Ukrainian innovative enterprise with closed cycle of aluminium production, which is considered one of the largest aluminium producers in Ukraine and Eur...