New technologies in construction

The construction and design company ACORE Development Group, that is a part of the international industrial and investment holding ALUMETA is completing the construction of the GoodLifeMoll shopping center. Also in this shopping center will be one of the biggest in Ukraine supermarket NOVUS.

This is the first project in Kiev, which uses a facade system of ventilated facades consisting of glossy HPL panels that are mounted on a frame with the use of adhesive compounds, rather than mechanical fasteners.

In addition, installation of stained-glass systems with a height of 3m will be carried out at the object, the total height of the stained-glass windows will be more than 18 m.

The use of such technologies will give the shopping center a unique, modern and technological appearance. Specialists of ACORE Development Group are sure that visitors of the new shopping center will expect a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

ALUMETA and the companies that are members of the holding wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We wish you an easy and rich year, successful undertakings and constant development!...


BRAZ always relies on its own strength. In product quality and continuous operation. The company realistically assesses the security and energy situation in the country, the possibility of shelling and infrastructure damage. Therefore, the team took responsi...


„BRAZ” Sp. z oo to innowacyjny kierunek produkcji wyrobów aluminiowych w cyklu zamkniętym, będący częścią Grupy Kapitałowej ALUMETA.
Braz Construction is an engineering department that develops complex and high-tech facade solutions for office and residential spaces of various complexity and configuration.
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