ALUMETA GROUP and potential employees

In Brovary regional job center the "Meeting with the employer - investment industrial holding Alumeta Group" took place on October,11. For potential employees there was made a presentation of companies of Alumeta Group.


Great interest was caused by a short film about the production capacities of companies that are part of the group. There were shown qualitative changes and a large-scale modernization of the enterprise over the last 6 years in the movie. The results of the work of the new professional team, that restored and modernized the activities of one of the largest metallurgical enterprises - Brovary Aluminum Plant (BRAZ) - wasn’t ignore by the meeting participants.


Elena Fil - the director for human resources management of the Alumeta Group, Tatyana Kovkrak - the head of human resources and Irina Vasiuk - the deputy of head of human resources answered the questions about the available vacancies, the conditions of employment and the specifics of production.


"The production capacities of our companies are constantly growing, and, of course, we are interested in qualified personnel. If the employee demonstrates the desire and ability to learn, uses the acquired skills in practice - the management of the holding always welcomes him. For such employees we have several development and training programs at the company's expense. I would like to express my special gratitude to the management and staff of the Brovary regional job center for the opportunity of our meeting and fruitful cooperation. We are open to work with profile and young professionals who together with us will create a successful history of our company "- said Elena Fil - director of human resources management of Alumeta Group.



„BRAZ” Sp. z oo to innowacyjny kierunek z zamkniętym cyklem produkcji aluminium.
Braz Construction to dział inżynieryjny, który opracowuje kompleksowe i zaawansowane technologicznie rozwiązania elewacyjne dla przestrzeni biurowych i mieszkalnych o różnym stopniu złożoności i konfiguracji.
Braz Line jest liderem rynku ukraińskiego w projektowaniu, produkcji i dystrybucji aluminiowych profili, narzędzi konstrukcyjnych, wystroju oraz innych produktów dla dowolnych potrzeb.