The future belongs to aluminum skyscrapers

The business card of aluminium in modern architecture is skyscrapers. Their completely glass walls, or translucent facades in other words, are a construction from glass and aluminum frames. They are widely spread all over the world because they make the building much more energy efficient from an economic point of view, and also significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

The completely glass exterior area of ​​the building allows to let in much more sunlight and reduce the use of artificial lighting. But more energy is saved on heating and air conditioning. Unlike ordinary glass, which easily passes heat to one and the other side, glass for translucent facades has a low thermal conductivity (parameter U-Value) - it reflects solar heat in summer and in winter it does not release heat from the building.

According to forecasts, by 2050 the world population will reach 10 billion people, two thirds of whom will live in cities, which means that the problem of ecology, including a possible shortage of water, fertile soils and other resources, will become especially acute. Given the 100% recyclability of aluminum structures with a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, this metal will become the material of the future.


„BRAZ” Sp. z oo to innowacyjny kierunek z zamkniętym cyklem produkcji aluminium.
Braz Construction to dział inżynieryjny, który opracowuje kompleksowe i zaawansowane technologicznie rozwiązania elewacyjne dla przestrzeni biurowych i mieszkalnych o różnym stopniu złożoności i konfiguracji.
Braz Line jest liderem rynku ukraińskiego w projektowaniu, produkcji i dystrybucji aluminiowych profili, narzędzi konstrukcyjnych, wystroju oraz innych produktów dla dowolnych potrzeb.